The Korbakes Family has served the Chicagoland area for 100 years. The little store started by our grandfather George as a little family grocery business specializing in fruits and vegetables has been transformed into a full-service liquor store that sells products made by the best brewers and distillers? How our business go from Korbakes Grocery to Korbakes Liquors? Well, it was thanks to the hard work of George, who kept the store going at a number of locations in Blue Island through world wars and economic downturns. Also essential was the foresight of one of his sons, Pete, whose idea it was to add alcohol to the list of products available to the public.

The change finally came about April 12, 1954. For years, George resisted his son’s suggestion. Pete persisted. George said no. He even enlisted the mayor of Blue Island to tell Pete that no liquor licenses were available. Finally, after George became ill and was believed to be on his death bed, Mayor John M. Hart confessed to Pete that he’d lied to him. Because he felt badly, he agreed to give Pete a license. Pete cursed the mayor and accepted. It was a match made, well, not in heaven since George recovered and lived many more years. Korbakes sold grocery items and liquor from 1954 until 1982, when Pete decided the business would sell beverages exclusively.

What a move that turned out to be! And speaking of moves, the Korbakes Family always lived above the little store at 12747 Western Avenue in Blue Island. The house was just right for Pete, Georgia, and their four sons: George, Jimmy, Chris, and Steve. Eventually business became so good that the store became too small. A new store with a bigger parking lot was needed. Plans were drawn up. The lots to the north and east were purchased. In 2004, a 14,000 square foot facility was built.

Korbakes Liquors offers the top products and the lowest prices. The store is very conveniently located at 12747 Western Avenue in Blue Island. That’s less than one-half mile from Interstate 57 and only a mile from I-294. The celebration will continue throughout the year. Korbakes Liquors: family owned and operated and proud to be business for a century. Always happy to serve you.